Quick Share vs Nearby Share 2023

Quick Share vs Nearby Share 2023


Many people don’t know the difference between Quick Share vs Nearby Share.

Quick Share:

Nearby Share:

Difference between Quick Share and Nearby Share:

Quick Share: Nearby Share:
Quick Share is only available on Galaxy devices to transfer data.Nearby Share is available on all Android devices to transfer data.
Quick Share can transfer data up to 5 contacts at a time.Nearby Share is used to transfer photos, videos, files, and data.
Quick Share is used to transfer photos, videos, files, and data.Whereas Nearby Share is limited to transfer data to 1 contact at a time.
Quick Share can connect to Windows to transfer data to PCs.Nearby Share can also connect to Windows to transfer data to PCs.
Quick Share use Bluetooth to transfer data.Nearby Share use Bluetooth and location to transfer data.

What is Quick Share, and how does it works?

Quick Share Samsung S23 Ultra

Samsung Quick Share is a file transfer tool that does what it says. It is the fastest way to share large files, photos, videos, documents, and voice notes between Galaxy devices, like Apple airdrop for IOS. It is available on Samsung devices having Android 10 and is preinstalled on some devices and used to share files between Phones, Laptops, Tablets, and more.

Unlike other Sharing applications like WhatsApp, Samsung Quick Share does not compress file size; it sends them 100%.

The app can be used to share files with up to 5 devices simultaneously. You can share files as large as 1GB via Quick Share, with the limitation of 5GB per day.

Quick Share can be used between two users who are close, with either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth methods of transfer.

Wi-Fi Direct allows two devices to establish a direct Wi-Fi connection without the need for an intermediate access point, such as a Wi-Fi router. Transfer speeds can be as much as 200MB/s. 

Non-Samsung devices can’t use these methods, but they can receive a file via a Quick Share link. This involves the file being uploaded to the Samsung Cloud and then shared via a QR code or a file link. The recipient has two days to receive a shared file, after which it will be deleted from the cloud to avoid a third party getting hold of it.

How to use Samsung Quick Share?

  1. To ensure the activation of the Quick Share feature, navigate to the Settings menu, then proceed to the Connected devices section. From there, locate the Quick Share option and access the submenu under “Who can share with you.” It is vital to ensure the selection of individuals in close proximity.
  2. Locate the desired file or photo on your Samsung device and proceed to select the Share icon.
  3. Click on the option labelled “Quick Share.”
  4. To establish a direct connection with a nearby Samsung device, it is imperative to verify that the receiver is in immediate proximity. Subsequently, the recipient’s device should be shown within the menu options. Engage with the object by applying pressure to it.
  5. Kindly request their acceptance of the file. The transfer process will commence thereafter.
  6. In the event that the intended receiver does not possess a Samsung mobile device, the user may choose between two options: either copy a share link or generate a QR code. After the selection process, the user’s file will be transferred and stored in the Samsung Cloud.
  7. Allow the recipient to scan the QR code or provide them with the hyperlink. Users will be redirected to the official Samsung Cloud website in order to initiate the file download process.

What is Nearby Share, and how does it works?

The Google app Nearby Share was created specifically for Android smartphones and is only accessible on those running Android 6+.

Windows users will find this tool most helpful for wireless Bluetooth file transfers between Windows laptops or PCs.

Only one contact can transmit files at a time using the app. Up to 500 files can be transferred daily with Nearby Share. without taking the file size into account.

How to use Nearby Share?

Nearby Share is already installed on Android 6+ devices, so you do not need an additional app on your device.

  1. Open Files by Google on your Android device.
  2. Tap Nearby Share at the bottom.
  3. Select Send.
  4. Choose the files or programmes you want to share.
  5. Tap Next at the bottom.
  6. Choose the individual with whom you want to share files.
  7. You’ll be routed to the “Nearby Share” menu once the files or apps have been transferred.

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