Our Services

Website Design & Development

Modern business is incomplete without a virtual space. Every forward-thinking organisation has realized the huge potential a website can deliver.

At Specs Interactive, we liken the concept of website development to home design and construction. Some homes are built merely for keeping a roof over one’s head, while others are architectural masterpieces carefully constructed with precision and eye for detail.

This is why Specs Interactive ensures that clients’ websites are developed with the prime purpose of promoting corporate goals and fostering customer relationships through brand retention, recall, and total satisfaction. Our philosophy for website development is simple.

We invest time up front to clarify your business and brand objectives, and we build a site that helps you accomplish those objectives with straightforward, easy-to-use solution.

We do this by using an industry-standard development process and by relentlessly designing for usability.  Custom Web Development  Content Management   E-Commerce Solutions

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Effective marketing is the soul of every business, and while this concept keeps evolving just as technology advances, Specs Interactive ensures that contemporary marketing tools are integrated into the creation of web solutions for clients to enable it reach its target markets. The use of social media marketing tools is an integral aspect of internet marketing, hence we deploy appropriate tools that are unique to every business type. We design the concept of internet marketing programs and practical elements that each company needs to deliver a cohesive and persuasive message.

Web Application Development

Specs Interactive initiates web application development for clients to resonate with corporate identity using brand image attributes, responsive website interface, and integration of social media tools to make it easier to market products/services, increase awareness, and broaden customer base.

Through this understanding, we are able to start the concept process, using only ideas that resonate with your business.

We then turn these ideas into visual symbols (logos) and words, and begin the process of refining colour, shapes, style, tone, hue, etc., which results in a web presence/identity that matches your business.

Domain Name Registration

A good domain name speaks volume and your choice of domain name matters a lot in your online presence. A unique and descriptive name is good way to building customers trust in your business.

At Specs Interactive we help client register a good domain name for business.

Web Hosting

Web hosting in a short form is like your physical business space but this time is online and accessible to the whole world.

We guide and help you secure the best space to suit your current and future business needs.


You are at a competitive edge when your brand can connect to your customers at the first glance. Branding is all from color to  corporate vision, services and brand identities. How are appealing the are and how well the represent you as a company.

Specs Interactive is you right fit to help give your business that top-notch experience.